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    May 4, 2016
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    Hello, I've just recently joined the Thoughtform Haven, and I saw (and read) the introductions, so I felt that I should do mine. I (hope) that most of the people know me so I don't really have to do a full introduction of myself.
    So, a short intro of myself, I like to draw, I'm wolf-hearted, INFP-T, like to talk, play and eat. Just this year I heard what a tulpa is, and I've been investigating and reading about it.
    The reason I decided to make a tulpa its because I got rather lonely some days, it hard to reunite with my friends, so I usually stay at home for the weekends.
    Also, I had a tulpa sometime ago, and for a lot of time, and that meant: lonliness intensifies
    I decided on a tulpa more than a month ago, but just these weeks he has been answering, showing signs of life. :p
    I've also wondered if he's more of a daemon than a tulpa, after checking some of the posts that talked about their daemons. I do consider him a part of me in some sorts, but I do have to search a bit more. He walks around two places, the wonderland I've made, but also the real world, I don't really see him, but if I do, its almost transparent to the point of invisible. The common thing is that I don't see him, but feel him around, like, I feel when he's probably standing.

    Of what I've found out he's really, really shy. I believe he'll loosen up in the future. (He was really scared of doing this thread as well.) We don't have the need of paying attention to us all day, but we occationally chat when possible. I believe he underrates himself. I wanted him to write about him, but he got a bit intimidated by knowing that there are things like angels and dragons and all that. (He doesn't know that people really tend to like his species. :p ) At first he looked like a snowy owl, but instead of black dots he had golden ones, then he started to become more of a golden-ish barn owl, and then it reverted back into the golden snowy owl.
    I call him Z, don't know if that will be his permanent name, but for now he seems to enjoy it. She told me to end the t-thread. So um...I-I do enjoy books and reading and, um...Potions, I love the idea of those...A-and um, yeah sorry for wasting your time, oh...ok bye.