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I've been playing Subnautica: Below Zero the last few days and it's good. I'd recommend starting with the first Subnautica though because the second one isn't finished yet, unless you like seeing how games progress as they're being made. I'm playing it now so I can compare it before and after the planned story revamp. 

For playing with people, Warframe is a lot of fun, and they're always adding new content. I haven't played it since the Fortuna update though. 

Fun games to play with friends (on steam):

  • Left 4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2 | one time purchase | Your classic fps "kill all the zombies and escape" game.
  • Codename Cure | free to play | Zombie survival fps game. Think of it as a really bad copy of Counter Strike. Its bad graphics make it even more fun to goof about.
  • 7 Days to Die | one time purchase | Zombie survival game, kind of like Minecraft but without the blocks and just zombies.
  • Dead By Daylight | one time purchase, inapp purchases | Hide and Seek style game, but with killers.
  • Team Fortress 2 | free to play, some pay to play elements | Your classic team v team fps game. Plenty of game modes and servers.
  • Portal 2 | one time purchase | Has a fun 2 player co-operative side to the game. Uncover a new story whilst trying not to kill each other during the puzzles!
  • Terraria | one time purchase | 2D minecraft, but cooler.
  • Starbound | one time purchase | Terraria, but in space. A lot cooler than it seems. Has good story too. 
  • Unitystation | free to play | It's still in testing phases, but it's a unity port for the ling time game on the byond engine, "Space Station 13".
  • Titan Quest | one time purchase | Think of Diablo, but set in ancient times (like Ancient Egypt and Greece).  
Also, only buy games when a steam sale is on. You'll save so much money. Best sale times are End of Financial Year (End of June/Beginning of July) and Christmas Sale (December).