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Phantom limbs?


New member
Hey , so I've been meditating recently and there was one personal experience I've had.

Something you should know is I got a crystal called desert rose and I decided to meditate with it , hearing that each piece came with an individual spirit.

Once I got into a meditative state , I found myself in a large , foggy forest. There , I met a beautiful woman who had horns , dressed in green. She said she was the spirit of the crystal and wanted to guide me. I followed her along the path , seeing along the way other horned folk , some having goat legs like a satyr. She asked me what I wanted and I told her I was curious and wanted to know about the god pan/cernunnos ( whom I've seen before in prophetic dreams ) . She then led me up a hill , where I met my dragon Gaurdian. They then flew me to a place where there was a throne and a bonfire. Dancing around was the familiar face of pan/cernunnos. He seemed jolly and rather tall. I don't remember much , however before I left my meditative state , I remember him saying " you are cernunnos ". That was when I felt this warmth travel up my spine and saw these sets of glowing , golden horns emerge from my head. One were like huge curved ram horns , another almost bull like and the final and largest set were slim yet tall deer like antlers , emerging from them were blossoms.

So , any thoughts or opinions?

What do you think it means?

Is it related to kin types?

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Looks like no one has tried to answer this one yet. 

Have you ever had phantom horns before this vision or was this the first time? If it was an otherkin thing you should have had some indications of it before, perhaps years before, this vision. Have you felt that you were nonhuman before now? On a regular basis? Do those previous feelings match up with what occurred? If not, I'd take it as a cameo shift, probably brought about by external spiritual beings. 

Sometimes when they say you're a god, they mean that you are a god (though more likely a shard, especially since the other guy was standing right there). And sometimes when they say it, it's more metaphorical in the case of being imbued with that deity's energy or taking on a certain role. Putting on the mantle of a god for one reason or another is actually a pretty common thing that happens in Kemetic texts. This is not a Kemetic context, but I'm just saying it's a thing that can happen. Sounds like the imbuing of energy thing did happen there. 

As for what it means, you will have to figure that out on your own. Are you prepared for the kind of relationship that this would imply? It is possible, though sometimes difficult, to tell a god no, if you would feel the need to do so. Maybe he wants you to do something for him. Is that what you want? Don't let the flattery and special feelings lead you into something you're not sure about. Also research the heck out of it. And are you sure that Pan and Cernunnos are the same being? I know that the "all gods are one" thing is popular, but I'm not entirely sure it works that way.  Do an in depth background check on both of those.