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Philter Effect List

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    To await the philter preview feature, here's a temporary list of philter effects!

    All of these philters affect user titles.

    Normal | Halloween

    Bold Philter - Bold
    Suspicious Philter - Black glow
    Unsettling Philter - Grey shadow
    Evil Philter - Red glow
    Burning Philter - Orange glow
    Frostfire Philter - Cyan glow
    Direflame Philter - Green glow
    Ghost Philter - White shadow
    Dark Ember Philter - Purple glow
    Golden Blaze Philter - Gold glow
    Invisible Philter - Grey color
    Juicy Philter - Italic
    Clear Philter - Underline
    Short Circuit Philter - Yellow glow
    Midnight Neon Philter - Green color
    Midnight Xenon Philter - Blue color
    Bright Philter - White glow
    Cyano Philter - Teal color
    Fortune Philter - Gold shadow
    Dripping Slime Philter - Pale Green glow
    Philter - Black shadow
    Ethereal Philter - Magenta glow
    Abstract Philter - Magenta color
    Blue Shift Philter - Blue glow
    Solar Flare Philter - Yellow color
    Good Philter - Light Blue glow
    Megaphilter - Color Rotate 1 (3s)
    Greenlit Philter - Lime glow
    Antique Philter - Brown color
    Badly Designed Philter - Pink shadow
    Transparent Philter - Silver color
    Crystal Philter - Silver glow
    Witches Brew Philter - Purple color
    Werewolf Philter - Dark Sea Green shadow
    Jack O' Lantern Philter - Orange Red glow
    Hellfire Philter - Maroon glow
    Vampiric Philter - Maroon shadow

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