Policy on zoosexuality

Kinmunity does not support beastiality. We firmly believe that animals are not capable of giving informed consent to sexual activity with human beings. Bestiality is a form of cruel animal abuse, regardless of arguments put forth by zoophiles. This has long-been the position of the Kinmunity administration. The purpose of this thread is to clarify our policy on how we handle the topic going forward. It shall be written policy that:
  • Practicing zoophiles (people who engage in sexual acts with non-human animals) are not welcome on Kinmunity, and will be refused service.
  • Non-practicing zoophiles will only be permitted on the site provided that:
    • a) they do not advocate/support practicing zoosexual acts.
    • b) they are not well-known for their zoosexuality or otherwise pose a public relations risk to the site.
    • c) they do not join Kinmunity to discuss zoosexuality.
  • Discussion of zoosexuality is not permitted on Kinmunity; we will not be made a platform for this sort of thing -- please use Google to find an appropriate outlet for these discussions.
  • Individuals who admit to animal abuse on Kinmunity may be reported to the appropriate authorities.
This is non-negotiable.