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Polykin: What's your most dominant kintype?


New member
Aeris = Alpine Dingo kintype
Frost = Arctic Wolf kintype

Let me explain what I mean. The 'dominance' I am referring to is shift oriented. So, what I'm asking is; which kintype's shifts do you feel the most frequent? Why do you think that's the case?

For me, that would be Aeris. Like, don't get me wrong, Frost is dominant in her own way, but Aeris is the kintype I feel the most shifts and phantom limbs from. I can feel his cool and calm attitude, as he is more focused on survival and being safe and well sheltered; whilst Frost is more pack oriented and has very strong maternal instincts. Aeris would only want a pack if it were his mate and children, whilst I have the feeling Frost would just want the company of other wolves--even if that means joining pack structures that are more common in therian communities or that have been observed in captivity.

So what about you lot? What kintypes are your most dominant? 



Thanks for this interesting topic!
My kintypes are generally similar enough that I see them as linked, connected, or otherwise not separate from one another. Which is usually the linguistic/mythological framework for faekind anyway, since Elves are usually seen as a Type of Fae in most world mythologies.
There is a hint of difference, though--I call myself Fae because I feel some sense of myself is Alike to the land spirits that exist in my homewood. It's different from my elvenness, because these land spirits are not Elves and would be confused if I told them "OH, as an elf, I am just a different kind of You."
I find that my fae shifts can include elements also found in my elven shifts, but have other layers like different perceptions of energy or magic, different mental states, and sometimes different phantom limb sensations.
When I feel a fae shift, the ripples of it linger for days and days, sometimes much of a month or a full moon cycle. My elven shifts seem more temporary or effervescent--the sense of ears or the mental state are there and then gone within a day or a night. I also find that elvenshifts are usually relegated to times of visible starlight and being out in nature--while fae shifts happen at any time of day, and in any location. Fae Shifts feel different based on location, too! A shift in humanworld, like the grocery store lol, is different from a shift at my buddy's house, is different from a shift at the grassland or a shift at the glade or a shift in the creekbed. I feel my Fae shifts are very reliant on location contexts.

I would say, then, that my Fae shifts are stronger and longer lasting and have more variety or impact based on the situation and are therefore primary.
But identity wise, I identify as an elf moreso than a landspirit or fae. It's easier to explain to people; simpler.