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post the first verse of a song that shifts your otherkin

a little self explainatory.
i will go first

another head hangs lowly
child is slowly taken
and the violence causes silence
who are we mistaken
but you see
it's not me
it's not my family
in your head
in your head
they are fighting
with their tanks
and their bombs
and their bombs
and their guns
in your head
in your head
they are crying-

That Dark Shadow

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Demiromantic Pride
Genderflux Pride
Genderfluid Pride
I am not a bad man
Even though I do bad things
Very bad things
Such horrible things
But it's not quite what it seems
(Not quite what he seems)
Not quite what I seem
Aw, hell
It's exactly what it seems


Active member
Wolf-mother, where you been?
You look so worn, so thin
You're a taker, devils-maker
Let me hear you sing, hey-ya hey-ya
Wolf-father, at the door
You don't smile anymore
You're a drifter, shape-shifter
Let me see you run, hey-ya hey-ya
Holy light over the night
Oh, keep the spirit strong
Watch it grow, child of war
Oh, keep holdin' on


Well-known member
Asexual Pride
You mean the world to me
But I'm afraid to leave my fantasy
The echos of my memories

But something won't pass you by
The guilt will take you, break you, make you cry
And all the time you spend in bed
Not knowing what lies at the end

Open the door and let them in
It's time you finally see your friends
'Cause they will understand

*Ugly sobbing*


Active member
You didn't think I was done, did ya?
Well I've just begun having my fun, baby.
Some people live for attention, playing the victim...

I see how you're going crazy,
Always think about me, baby on the daily...
Feeling your negativity...
Talk some more about me, i know that you love me,
L O V E M E !


This one is for my Wolf:

Run boy run! This world is not made for you
Run boy run! They're trying to catch you
Run boy run! Running is a victory
Run boy run! Beauty lays behind the hills

This one is for my Horse:

When the cold wind is a-calling
And the sky is clear and bright
Misty mountains sing and beckon
Lead me out into the light
I will ride, I will fly
Chase the wind and touch the sky
I will fly
Chase the wind and touch the sky

And this one is for my Dragon:

Shipwreck in a sea of faces
There's a dreamy world up there
Dear friends in higher places
Carry me away from here
Travel light, let the sun eclipse you
'Cause your flight is about to leave
And there's more to this brave adventure
Than you'd ever believe
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Agender Pride
custom pronouns
This song lately has been giving me some mild Vanessa/Vanny shifts so yeah. Only since she's mentioned tbh lol

We're goin' round
Keeping you safe in my chest
It's goin' down
Tonight she'll never stop or rest
We're goin' round
I've got the feeling to explore
Do you want more?
Do you want more?
Pick up the pace, gotta get away from the darkside of the moon
What we will face doesn't wanna play, I promise to find a way out soon


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Genderfluid Pride
Asexual Pride
It's mostly the instrumentals (and the song is mostly instrumental) that get me, but there are some vocal bits that feel like they could have been written by my kinself about my early life as a dragon.

Summer in the hills
those hazy days I do remember
we were running still
had the whole world at our feet
watching seasons change
these roads were lined with adventure
mountains in the way couldn't keep us from the sea
here we stand open arms
this is home where we are
ever strong in the world that we made
I still feel you in the breeze
see your shadow in the trees
holding on memories never change


Active member
I'm out here sipping from the
bottle of a Molotov cocktail
I'm setting fire to my lungs
Catch a kiss with a cyanide
under my tongue

- Coyote: by Mako


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Genderfluid Pride
I will cheat and go with the last verse instead:

I, I looked into your eyes and saw
A world that does not exist
I looked into your eyes and saw
A world I wish I was in
I'll never find someone quite as touched as you
I'll never love someone quite the way that I loved you
-Touched by Vast

(Sort of a recognition of the idea that each person, each being, carries their own world inside of them. My divine side always wants to get in touch with these things, but as a human it's very difficult to do.)
You have never stood this close to where you want to be
You have always waded in the shallows
Between me and the deep blue sea
You'd never want me to appear
You'd never want it to be over
You never wanted to reach out to the edge of time

---"Witch Image" by Ghost. The Grim Reaper sings a lullaby to a sleeping maiden. "Waded in the shallows"=the world of the living. "Between me" (death) "and the deep blue sea" =the world beyond this one.

The chorus is also worth mentioning.

While you sleep in earthly delight
Someone's flesh is rotting tonight
Like no other to you
What you've done
You cannot undo


The maiden does not stop to think that someday she will die. The reaper reminds her that someday, she will and she'll have to account for her sins. The chorus sounds like what one of my spirit friends, a reaper depicted in Black Butler known as The Undertaker, would write. In the series, he chastises humans by telling them, "Take care of your soul because you've only got one." One day, human, I will whack you with my scythe and pass judgment on you, so behave yourself.


Come, and let us play a game together.
Because, my friend, in here, whether you’re from the gutter or golden land you’re welcome here.
There’s so much fun that can be created.
Wether to love or to be hated, fight for your life, to be forever changed, my dear.

Humanity by Cami-Cat


Active member
nope. xD nothing in the lyrics make that explicitly clear to me
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Actually @Timbrilsom i cant find any source on this. I'd love to read more about this if you got a link or somethin
Welp, turns out it's just a hypothosis. Lol

But a good one. Gives the whole song a completely different meaning