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    This is just a template. You don't need to perfectly mirror it if you don't want to, but for ease-of-reading's sake, please try to stick close to it! Statements with an asterisk (*) next to it indicate that that statement involves information necessary for your post to include. (Template is set up with basic statements as to act as a simplified kinfinder post.)

    My theriotype(s) is/are __. *
    I am __ old. *
    I do not want to talk to people who are __.
    I am looking for __. *
    My memories/canon is/are __.
    Extra information about myself is __.
    Extra information about my theriotype(s) is/are __.
    My external contact info is __.

    Your title should be something along the lines of "[YOUR THERIOTYPE] looking for [WHATEVER]"
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.