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Psychology of non-human souls


Astral skydancer
Staff member
Gold Donor
Asexual Pride
A question for everybody keen in psychology here. I wonder if there is (or ever was) a psychological analysis of otherkin that actually tries to extend classical psychology by accepting the possibility of non-human souls, and constructing a sound theory around that - maybe extending the classical, human-soul centered theories? I think something like that could greatly improve understanding of otherkin at least, but potentially also psychology as a whole.

I wonder if there is any psychological researcher who has even considered the idea?



Well-known member
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Genderfluid Pride
I doubt that it has happened, after all we're probably one of the best sources around, and those who have asked for help in their research here haven't had the best track record. (Like the one who lumped us in with Bronies and seemed to categorize us as an internet trend.) 

And psychology doesn't really deal with souls, human or otherwise. They would certainly be slanted toward psychological reasons for the existence of otherkin and most likely devalue spiritual ones, because that is how psychology functions. I would be curious to see what they would find with an in depth study, but I'm not sure they could get a big enough high quality sample size for that to work. Psychologists would no doubt look at things like autism and dissociative disorders as causes for being otherkin, which could be interesting in some ways and annoying in others.  And psychologists are trained to look for disorders. Will they even know what to do with well-adjusted otherkin? 

On the other hand, I've heard tales of otherkin bringing it up in therapy and it not being a problem because being otherkin itself was not the source of their issues. So there's some hope there. A smart therapist would probably categorize it along with other spiritual beliefs. 

We probably don't want to hit the nonhuman soul angle too hard anyway. I could see that leading to problems if that got widely accepted. It would give some an excuse to devalue us more than they already do.