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Questioning my otherkin type..


New member
Um Hello, I am new here And new to the otherkin community, today I am going to talk about a personal childhood story from which I have felt like I wasn’t human. When I was in kindergarten I would often say that I was an elf, I believed I was and I remember being very attracted to nature, animals, isolated places in nature such as forests. Growing up I stopped believing because others would call me names, telling me I was weird. And for a long time from middle school to high school among people I always felt like a stranger. I had this feeling of not “belonging“ with anyone. I’m someone who believes in parallel dimensions, magic/physical abilities, auras and anything related to the supernatural. So does anyone knows what otherkin type I am? I thought of elf but I am not sure

Finna Alsvartr

Wolf-Mermaid-Demon Thing
Pansexual Pride
Welcome to Kinmunity, first off! Second, nobody can really tell you what your kintype is. That's a very personal thing, so I suggest doing some meditations, maybe some research (both textual and pictorial) to get a better feel of what you are drawn to. Questioning can be an extremely lengthy process and you don't want to rush it. It took me until I was 14 to realize I was a wolf, and over a year of questioning after that to determine I was a demon as well.

The "not belonging" thing is pretty normal with otherkin as far as I have seen. I experience it myself. I also believe in the supernatural and I think it kind of influences how I act in a demon shift. Some alternative ideas to elf is maybe a Naiad (Greek tree spirit), faun/satyr, or any type of fae. I researched all types of canids before coming to the conclusion that I was a Canis lupus (gray wolf), so research is your friend. These are just some suggestions. Have fun here, and I hope you find what you're looking for!


Moderation Team
Staff member
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Asexual Pride
Second, nobody can really tell you what your kintype is.
Wholeheartedly agree. Only you can know who and what you are non-physically.

It seems you've got low self-esteem / insecurity and are suffering from isolation. Maybe you can get more confident on Kinmunity or other Alterhuman / Otherkin forums, as their members could share experiences and backstories similar to your own. Specifically The Clearing can be a valuable resource in this case (

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I hope you find a place where you belong.


New member
In my opinion, the truth of life is spirit. By that I mean ourselves from within (as well as spirits which exist without bodily form). People who are disconnected from their spirit are quick to judge on exterior appearances. I agree with what's been said above, be free to try different things out, and if the answer you get is different from what most others say is possible, that doesn't make you wrong. It just means you've discovered a different truth.