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Questioning whether or not I am angelkin

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My name is Aspen,

I’ve been curious for the past few months on whether I am angelkin or not. I do identify as a wolf dog and fox therian. I have had many mental and phantom shifts. I’ve had more cameo shifts than shifts I have confirmed to be from my known theriotypes. 

I’ve had wing shifts before. First one was a year or two ago. I was taking a nap on the couch, and I felt as if I had left my body and saw wings on my back, they were a golden color with bronze undertone. They were twice my arm span (I am 5’5) and could feel the wings on my back. Any other time I have had wing shifts was in random locations, I could spread them and move them freely. It felt as if they were a part of me when I walked around, I could spread them and I felt weird with them spread to full extent as people would ‘walk’ through them  

I personally am not religious, I do not feel the need to worship or show obedience towards a god/goddess or deity of some sort. I don’t know if religious status affects it but I thought it was important. 

Any help on this would be appreciated, I don’t know much information on other angelkin, nor have I met any. Thanks!



What draws you to angelkin about it, as many creatures have wings, and even then they don’t always have to be arm-wings.

Or, again, it could simply be a cameo shift, as sometimes they can be a lot stronger than your own kintype shifts.

I personally don’t have any experience with astral projection, so I can’t say whether that has anything to do with it, other than even then it could just be some kind of outer influence. Just because you saw it in the astral doesn’t mean it’s always true.

We do have some angelkin around the site, with luck one of them will see this and chime in too.



Active member
Hi aspen.

Not all angels are from religious backgrounds. Maybe some research can help, though I'm not sure what you'd want to look at specifically. I know some non-religious angel kin who feel a great purpose in their life, or like the need to protect something or someone. As Mirath said, hopefully you'll get an angelkin to respond on here . I wish you luck in figuring this out~



New member
Heya Aspen!  Angels exist in all different cultures and religions. So maybe you could research that! 

Although this is said a lot, Meditation could also help. 

I don't know whether you have past memories or not, but if you do, meditation can help bring this to the surface. 

For me, meditation also brings on more full and complete shifts of being in my kintypes body. So you could meditate and almost "see" with your minds eye whether you're an angel. 

Angels are often virtuous and holy, and connected to the "divine" or a divine source. Kinda like my unicorn kintype. 

What your mind first goes to and what you stick with can also say a lot about a kintype. 

Dragons, harpies, faeries, and such also have wings. 

Yet the first thing your mind went to (presumably) is angel. Hmm... 

Do you feel that connection with angels, like you ARE one? 



New member
Hello, Aspen!

I've identified as an angel for a very, very long time. I learned who/what I was back when I was an atheist. I was raised secularly. I don't think whether you're religious personally or not is necessary. I do identify as an Abrahamic angel, and I have a lot of personal experiences dealing around it. But angel-like figures appear in many cultures all around the world.

I'm going to second others here and ask - why did you leap to angel, versus any other creature that has wings? I'd start some soul-searching there. 

I'd like to help more, but I'm not really sure how far I can go with just wing shifts.

(For what it's worth, I've had those. But mostly I just try and hide my wings and pretend they don't exist, and they haven't impacted me a whole lot).

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