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Questions for you, if you're interested...

A group for all machinekin and related kintypes

  1. Stephanie

    Stephanie Hatchling

    May 18, 2015
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    Hello, I'm Stephanie. I was invited by MechanicJasper to post a few questions here regarding Machinekin. I'm researching all types of Otherkin at the moment, and am in the process of writing my BA thesis on this topic. So, if you'd be willing to participate and answer these questions, I'd really appreciate it.
    Also, if you'd like to share a little bit about who you are, that would be wonderful. Whatever you feel comfortable with. Thanks.

    1. What is your definition of Machinekin? Does it include object-like machines, such as stereos, microwaves, etc? Do you feel that your definition is similar to how others think about the subject?
    2. Does the concept of a 'soul' (however you define that) have to be present in order to be a Machinekin (or Otherkin in general)?
    3. Do you think spirituality is an inherent part of being Machinekin (or Otherkin)? If so, how do you feel about those who describe it as a psychological process? If not, do you think too much attention is given to a spiritual aspect?
    4. How do you feel your belief system (if you have one) "ties into" your identity as Machinekin? Is there a relation between the two?
    5. Do you share this with anyone in your personal circle - family, friends, colleagues, fellow students, etc. - or is this only known in the Otherkin community? How do you feel about that?
    6. Do you meet with other Machinekin/Otherkin in person?
    7. Do you feel the general public understands what Machinekin/Otherkin are really all about? Do people you come into contact with know about Otherkin?
    8. Do you feel accepted within the Otherkin community? Can you talk about why you do, or do not?
    9. How do you respond to those who describe this as being a mental illness?
    10. At what age did you begin to 'awaken' to this identity? How old are you now?
    11. How did you find out about the Otherkin community? Do you remember what year it was, and how old you were? Do you feel this community helps/supports you?