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Ever said something that sounds really weird? Shouldn't be taken out of context? Just doesn't make sense? Post it here, lets see what we've said. I'll start us off with a few of mine.

"Guys, I just realized pirates"

"...and that's why I'll be a homeless person in a fursuit"

"I need a grappling hook, so naturally, im digging up graves"
OW I DROPPED MEH PIZZA!! (i said that randomly with no pizza) and here's another *explaining what Sebastian like* BASICALLY DONKEY FROM SHREK BUT A WOLF .-.


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"Im coffee exploding in my brain"
(To my supervisor when he asked how I am feeling today.
Luckily he learned to understand my cryptic answers and my cat sounds, I am doing unconsciously or when I dont know how to put something into words. He is great. )
"I had to drive up to the window and ask for the test, like I was ordering chicken nuggets. Then I received the test materials in a brown paper bag, like chicken nuggets. Then I took out the q-tip and crammed it as far up my nose as it would go, unlike chicken nuggets (hopefully)."
-on getting my coronavirus test
"Due to the nature of alternate realities I might be viewed as fictional and not real somewhere else. It might be possible somewhere far far out there that we all might be fictional characters."
-host explaining to one of their parents an au-related thing.

More host quotes:
h: "b-Bendy? Pearl likes him. He's their friend" when inquired about their friend.
h: "Pearl? Oh she's from that ink place. It's like how I was from somewhere else before I was in this realm" when also inquired about their friend.
"survival horror...you don't play that do you?"
h: "oh yes I'm on chapter 3" when it was found out that they played batim.
h: "But his eyes glow gold! and he's blond! He....he doesn't look like that...he looks more like the blond/tall version of himself in the comics, not that small human. TINY" when talking about Tom Ellis playing lucifer when one of their family members noticed them looking at the actor oddly.


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"I need to buy bigger flies for my pet mantis, since it is outgrowing the tiny fruit flies, but then I have two fly swarms breeding as heck, even though they are placed in the refrigerator to not breed as heck. I guess I just buy more mantis pets, since they are ardorable and stunning great pets and to not sit on two fly swarms...
Same with my feeder roach collony I breed for my tarantulas and scorpion. I need more tarantulas and scorpions, because my roaches are feeling too good and breed too well.
Huuuh I really have to find a big appartment with enough space for all of those great and stunning invertabrate pets I would love to have, to get rid of the feeder insects I breed for my invertabrate pets as food. "

To my supervisor when telling him to please jump in the pet store to buy terflys for my mantis, when he is on his way to me for a meeting.