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Random Pet Peeves


The Dark Thief Of Knowledge
Anyone have any random pet peeves that will send you from peaceful to just raging, but that are so small that you feel partly shameful about it, but also pure hate about it? Can be Kin related but any are allowed.

Honestly, most of mine are in the kitchen.

Like I absolutely hate when people leave time on the microwave and don't clear it after they take their food out early. Either plan the time correctly, or at least hit clear after! It's not that hard!

You can add them here later if you come across something new.

Preferably have them be small things that aren't really important, please. 




The Dark Thief Of Knowledge
When you have long sleeves on and wash your hands and that tiny bit of water gets on the end of your sleeve that SOMEHOW stays wet for HOURS. I'm raging just thinking about this tbh
Oh my gosh totally! What's worse is when you're wearing long sleeves while washing and you roll them up and they are completely secure till you move your hands under the water and then BAM!!!! The sleeve like throws itself down your arm like a skydiver straight into the water.



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"Kin" is not a verb. It is not an action, either you are or you aren't. "Kinning" is not something you do, however you can have an awakening that says you are your kintype, or you can be questioning a kintype. It bugs me because putting it that way makes it sound like a voluntary activity that people do when they're bored. See also "kin with" used as a verb, as in "do not kin with x." As if it was a choice! 

And, referring to us as "kinnies" is like fingernails on chalkboard to me, maybe because it indirectly references the first peeve there making it sound like were are people who have "kinned with" stuff. 



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Unfortunate I cannot give you kudos for that particular complaint in this forum, @Shezep. I have absolutely no disagreement there with you about the nature of how "kin" is used in some circles. I would add that the word itself, "kin", is innately a relation to one's extended family given the origin of the word. Ones does not "kin with", as it were, rather one is kin to or "related to" that thing. As well "kinnies" just sounds to be demeaning or cutesy and I find it to not help the idea and image evoked of "kin" by most persons already. It gives off that air that it is some sort of club, phase, trend, or fad.



Other people being in the kitchen at the same time as me. If I'm in the kitchen, I'm probably hungry, so I want the entire kitchen to myself or I'll feel like people are in my way.

My brother asked to put a pizza in the oven when I was cooking recently. I was hesitant at first, but I made myself step aside to give him the space to do it. It was irritating to say the least. The one single benefit from his timing is now I know how to properly cook a pizza in the oven.

I used to hate hearing the house phone ring as well and I would get irrationally angry over every ring. It bothered me so much, my brain eventually started loving the sound instead.



I'm a really tolerant person, even if it might not seem like it sometimes, so I don't really have pet peeves. The only ones I can point out is anything to do with "cringe culture," people who refuse to listen to other views and prefer to stay in their own bubble even if it's ignorant or harmful, and people who chew things with their mouth open or make very certain sounds similarly (such as that "desk-tapping" people do at times, but this only annoys me in particular situations). I can deal fairly well with the first two, but the last bit isn't even really a pet peeve, it just straight up distresses me. Cannot for the life of me handle it; I believe I have misophonia or something similar.



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Okay, so at work we use color-coded baskets to sort things. When people put one or more blue baskets in the stack of black baskets or some other combination of mismatched colors, that drives me buggy.



The Dark Thief Of Knowledge
The desk-tapping some people do and pen-clicking as well as this up and down leg-waggling from the toes.
The first 2 ones are just super annoying noises and stresses me out. The third one is somehow irritating in my eyeside plus I always feel the vibrations in the floor which makes it even worse to me. I am very sensitive to earth movements and several vibrations transmitted through the floor.

Clinking crockery, cutlery, glas and high frequent metal drives me crazy. It feels like my ears are going to explode.



Uneven numbers. The only valid odd number is 7, he is a bro. 5 is okay but he is on thin ice. I also have an issue with numbers if it's close to being, for example, 1111 but the last or one of the middle two digits is at 0 or 2 unless a pattern (such as 1212 or 0101) is going on.

Another pet peeve. Dogs. Especially if I'm sitting down on my porch and some dog out walking with its owner sees me and decides "Play! Friend!" and tries to pull away and run up to me. This is only a pet peeve (literally, lmao) if I'm in my own yard because territorial canine vs overly playful dog. Any other place, it's just a bit anxiety inducing but that anxiety is generally tolerable if the dog does prove himself to be friendly.



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Uneven numbers. The only valid odd number is 7, he is a bro. 5 is okay but he is on thin ice. I also have an issue with numbers if it's close to being, for example, 1111 but the last or one of the middle two digits is at 0 or 2 unless a pattern (such as 1212 or 0101) is going on.
Interesting, I have something similar, yet... the opposite. I find numbers ending in 0 or 5 to be the most satisfying. 



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I totally hate when someone wants to talk to me a few seconds after I stood up in the morning. I'm a zombie at that time and talking just hurts. Waking up is a process. I need at least a cup of coffee and half an hour before I'm even remotely able to socially interact :biggrinderg:



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Pet peeves that would make me more than a tad grumpy I would rate 7-9.

Although I happen to do this one to myself on accident, it's getting food all over my clothes (7). No matter how careful I am it just happens! Another clothes related one is when I don't wash my clothes with proper settings and still have a stain on them (7). When I'm out and about shopping at a store but they do not want to give me the item for the price it is marked for (9). When someone comes up to me and asks if they can touch my hair or ask if it is real (8). (It is very difficult to have my hair look nice and I am very protective over it towards others) 



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When people talk and brush their teeth at the same time or have nasty toothpaste spot on their mouths.

Tags on clothing

When people braid my hair

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