Rate the avatar of the person above you!


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5/10  I think it's kind of meh, mainly because it's just a boring, straight on picture of a house cat.  They didn't even do anything interesting with it.

Here's a much better looking picture of the same sort of cat

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Well you said avatar even though that picture is beautiful! I give the avatar 7/10 because white fluffy cat is bae. (I really like longhairs). But she/he melts into the background a bit. 



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Ooo, a solid 7/10 for yours

It's really cool lookin and I like it a lot, but it's pretty dark and a lil hard to see details as an icon, but other than that, I like it 😁

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I give a 10/10 for yours

It’s super pretty! It has the right amount of colors without making it to flashy and even has a Minecraft spider! Who could want anything else :-D