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Rate the Song then Post Another


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8/10  It starts off strong and definitely sounds pretty good, but it doesn't have enough "punch" to it

I'm thinking it's probably safe to assume that you've already heard Megalovania by now considering that it's more or less reached meme status.

Well here's a badass remix of it.

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5.5/10, the message in the rap was very raw and personal which I like, though I disagree with the overall message. Not the learning to love yourself, that's an excellent message, but when it comes at the cost of also learning that you can be better and not settling for just being "a douchebag" when you can be much more. I'm veryyyyy pick about my rap lol, also wasn't a fan of the video.



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10/10 Oohhhh man, Stray is so good, really the perfect song to use as Wolf's Rain intro. I remember staying up late as a kid so I could watch this show and Inuyasha on Adult Swim!

This one is super catchy and beautiful animation. 



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10/10  I like it.  Can't find anything wrong with the song itself.  My only issue is with the animatic which I found to be kind of confusing (srsly, wtf was going on?)  But then again, it's just an animatic.  I'm sure the finished product will be better.

Speaking of animatics, I found this song/animatic combo to be freaking hilarious



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9/10 Wow, that is some nice sounds! I really enjoyed it! And man, infected mushroom? That is a hell of a name! So is Monstercat! 

Not gonna like, I cried with this one. You go, Gohan! Kick his ass!



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Hmm... 6/10. Beautiful voice, but not my style at all. I don't know why, but I just can't get into music like this! But I can also kinda understand how other peeps might like it.

Now for something else that's also not my usual style, but is just so atmospheric and unique that I love it anyway~



8/10 Powerful lyrics! Unusual I think at the most.

Now lets get into some weird shit. This is more my style. (After you listen, tell me what you think its about, you would be surprised if you're not a gorillaz fan.)

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