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Rate the Song then Post Another


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Long time no post... the last song didn't leave a too strong impression... 6/10 maybe?

This one features a very nice performance. I've read it was done with augmented reality in the stadium. I've actually yet to try one of these VR glasses, haha:



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7/10  This isn't remotely the song I thought it was, but it's still pretty good in it's own right. (I was thinking of "Sweet Dreams are Made of These")

I hope you've played Undertale, cause this song won't make much sense otherwise



8/10 lost me at the first minute so I was a bit distracted around the half mark and flashed me back to times that I don't find particularly lovely, however at that time the music picked up and started reminding me of the PotC soundtrack to an extent, which got me hyped.

Speaking of PotC, have one of my favorites:

Not the most exciting but personally it never fails to set a mood and draw me in due to the sounds and how it utilizes them to make it seem eerie or give a sense of curiosity.

10/10 I love Owl City and I also just find it delightful that he had a song on the Ga'hoole soundtrack. Like, yeah, that's the exact movie his music should have been featured in.

now for something much, much worse



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7/10, loved the story it told but the sound just didnt sound complete enough to really invest me fully in it. The ending was just abrupt and would have preferred at least an longer outro but that is just my taste. Overall loved the sound but could have been a bit better in some places. The video however was well down and loved the visuals. A song I could listen to from time to time.



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uuuuuuuuummmm . . . what the hell did I just watch?  I don't know if I can really say I like it, but it didn't hurt my ears at least.  6.5/10 . . . I guess

Now a two for one deal

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