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We've received many requests for different emojis to be included on the site including;

  • insects
  • dolphins
  • bison
  • sharks
  • whales
  • frogs
  • lizards
Unfortunately, these requests do not come with accompanying artwork. While we are happy to implement emoticons that our users request, we cannot do so if we do not have the images for them. It is more complicated than simply gathering images online, as we need the right to use them. We also need them to fit our formatting requirements. To rectify this, we have created a form for you to submit emojis to us.

Submitting an emoji...

Before you submit an emoji, please ensure that:

  • you created or have full ownership rights to your submission
  • your submission is in .png or .gif format (a zip file containing multiple .pngs and/or .gifs is acceptable)
  • the images in your submission are "square"
  • the images are on a transparent background
  • you are comfortable assigning us irrevocable rights to use your submission
Click here to submit an emoji!

Note: Currently, you'll receive 50000 bones if we use your submission!

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