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Regarding Posting About Suicidal Ideation

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Hi folks,

Going forward, we are not allowing the discussion of suicidal ideation anywhere on Kinmunity, as the staff are not equipped to deal with these kinds of situations the way a professional would. We are all in support of you getting the help you need, but this site is not intended to be a therapist's office, and certain subjects necessitate staff intervention that we are not equipped to handle. Going forward, we will be shutting down conversation about suicide when it occurs and instead pointing users who have expressed these feelings to the resources available to them to seek help.

We care very much about everyone here, and the best way to take care of our userbase and our staff is to operate this way. As always, if you are experiencing feelings of suicidal ideation, please see this thread for resources.

Thank you,


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Hey everyone, we feel like this might have been forgotten about, or not seen by new users, so I’m bumping this so everyone sees it again.

Thank you!!
Not open for further replies.