Reinstating plural system member colors?

R } This was something which was actually in place two versions of the board ago, I believe. There was a function where you could assign a sort of text bubble color to each member of your system such that their text would appear surrounded by that color and there would be a little label at the top of the bubble/box with their name in it. It was possible to switch colors/people within the same post, or to not put text in a bubble at all (not linked to a person).

R } I can absolutely see this as being a low-priority feature, but it was such a clever, helpful solution to a typical plural system issue (many people having to share one account but wanting their individual voices) that I would love to see it or something similar back on the forum again. It felt very welcoming to have that level of accommodation for plurality.


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As you may be aware, this was a custom coded feature by an ex-administrator (Kiror). We are looking into adding this or a similar feature back in the near future.