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I'm just wondering if anyone has tips for how to date as otherkin...I'm Unicorn kin and I just find it really hard to find others like me. I find myself super emotionally and sexually I the only one? how do you guys deal with it?!



I don’t have tips, per se, but I wouldn’t say being kin has a massive influence.

In example, I’m human-character fictionkin, my girlfriend @Akemi is possibly kitsune-kin. Doesn’t really get in the way of our relationship, it just so happened by coincidence that we hit it off rather nicely... Our identities don’t really come into play, and honestly I prefer it that way.

As for how you feel (even if this site doesn’t have an 18+ section yet), you’re not alone. Ever sat down and figured out why? But then I don’t know if you put it down to your identity or not, so I can’t speak for that if you do. 

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I have no tips, other than finding someone who can at least accept that part of you. My physical world boyfriend passed away a couple months ago, and I have no desire to ever find another one. But IF I did, I would never date someone that couldn't accept my soulbonding and be okay with my soulbonds. The kin stuff is so minor for me, it prolly wouldn't come up much, but I'd want them to accept that as well. 

My boyfriend accepted all of it, even tho he was not kin or a soulbonder himself. I won't even be friends with people who don't/can't accept it. This limits my friendships (I really don't have many true friends) but I feel its much safer for me this way. 



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It is quite interesting that this would be your first post, made only four minutes after completing the registration process on the site. It's especially interesting considering the various conflicting information you've given to social networking sites over the years, and your semi-recent sponging of that same information. Regardless if you're in your mid twenties or your thirties, you are too old to be creating troll posts on our site. I'll allow you twenty four hours from this post to respond to me before I remove your account.

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