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"was it me," I wondered as the pale moon glided gently across the bright horizon. Bells ringing incoherently, uttering to me a gilded tone of most immeasurable discrepancies. Candlelight flickered upon the walls, chasing memories that pushed further into my head. "I can't remember," she muttered. The broken pawn laid at her feet, pulsating softly and he wrote her name upon its base. Remorsefully they laughed. I sat down as joy filled my heart. We were so alone.


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Suddenly another large alphabet shrieked at the churning face of some guy who wasn't hungry and then the sun decided that maybe sheep are okay as long as they don't eat ceiling fans.
I'll never understand why so many people insist on owning unicorns despite not knowing the first thing about taking proper care of them. I've lost count of how many times I've had to tell people they need to regularly inspect their unicorn's rectum, because goldfish can get stuck in there and cause a buildup of scale.


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We are all just jars of lemonade screeching endlessly at a void consisting mainly of a lack of elephants.

((I'm very random when I'm tired, haha))

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So you're driving down the road, and the wings fall off your boat. How many pineapples can you fit into a Coke jar?

Three. Because your teacher ain't got no sleeves.
Say something random? I don't need to, the site's style chooser can do that for me! However since you asked...

Cold Mountains are because of the Night in which we can see Stars. At Plain Day, there are sleeping Nocturnal Predators. Simply Blue days are the best time to see all of the Smoky Mountains high above the clouds, though remember... up there, there is nothing Mobilely Optimized!
[PLURALSYS=color_hue=192;Bliss]Technically the Loch Ness Monster could be real. I mean 95% of the ocean other waters that are on our Earth are undiscovered. This means that the Loch Ness Monster doesn't have to technically live in the Loch but he/she could technically exist somewhere in the deep, dark ocean.[/PLURALSYS]