Sea Wolves


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I thought this story was interesting and would be the same for some of y'all :)

These wondrous sea wolves swim for miles and live off the watery wilds

Melissa Breyer (@MelissaBreyer)
Science / Animals
June 28, 2017

In a remote stretch of rainforest on Canada's Pacific coast, a unique population of wolves has taken to a life of the sea.

Wolves have forever had a storied place in the minds and hearts of humans; and whether seen as threatening or predatory or magical or mysterious, most people think they know wolves. But then there are the sea wolves.

Along the wild Pacific coast of British Columbia – a misty wonderland of craggy glacier-gouged shores and temperate rainforest – there lives a population of wolves genetically and behaviorally distinct from the rest. They've traded in deer and sheep and mountain goats for the bounty of the sea. They've been known to swim up to eight miles to get from the mainland to an island; they live on barnacles and herring roe, seals and dead whales. Some 90 percent of their food comes directly from the ocean.

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I'm really curious about how their genetics differ from other wolves. I'm kind of doubtful of the truth of such a statement. I can see how they're behaviorally different, though. That is obvious. Anyway, this is interesting.


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Yeah,  @Fieron I read in the comments at the link someone was questioning the 'genetics' statement. It may have been due to a confusion in proper terminology as most reporters aren't necessarily educated in the sciences on which they report ;-)
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Glad you like it, @elinox :)

And thanks, too, for sharing additional info for everyone. I wasn't even aware of such a type of wolf until I saw the Treehugger post. The photography is wonderful!
This is interesting as I have always had an affinity for the ocean despite being a wolf. Though I need red meat to maintain my health I am very fond of seafood as well. I always assumed my love of the ocean was related to Iormungund but maybe there's more to it than just my spirituality.