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Seeing ‘You’.


Curious as to what you all feel when you see visuals of your identities. Like for example, viewing photographs of the same species you identify as. What goes through your head?

Does anything go through your head? Does this trigger anything? Perhaps, it doesn’t do much other than a brief thought of ‘Hey, that’s the same species as I am, cool!’ All valid! Just curious.

* I took a break for a month or two as I am still questioning and have for many years. I’ve started to connect with my Vulture identity through my dreams as I’ve fixed my sleep schedule. The Vulture is something I confirmed a bit ago and I think my identity indecisiveness is swayed greatly by my mental health. (Bipolar + Borderline traits, mainly.) My mental health is also something I’ve been prioritizing— and it’s been going great! Fixing my diet and all, as well.
I just find it fascinating that through all of my health journey this year and late last — the Vulture has never left my side.
For roadrunners, I just go "Hey! Roadrunner! That's familiar!". Also happens with similar shaped birds.
For the black drake specifically, it's more like seeing a picture of myself. It's not a specie anymore, it's a specific entity and it's me. I'd be really weirded out to see it in context i wasn't involved tbh.
As for my fictional identity (whether it's kith or kin i've not really figured out yet), it was quite a bit strange. Like seeing pictures of yourself as a kid, but without the context, and wondering whether yes or not this was you, with it giving a sense of familiarity.
During my questioning for wolfkin it was a *click*. I didn't know which species I was but when I did it was just there. I love seeing my dogs and kinda think of them as my relatives, considering they branched off from my species at some point, and it makes me happy. When we see a picture of Sammy, I tend to go "Oh, hey, it's you, Sammy boi!" because why not.


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When I see hawks or falcons in person I'm like, "Hey bird! Hi bird! I'm a bird too!" I also remember seeing a kestrel in a zoo even before my awakening and thinking, "You look like me!"

As for Horus, the iconography doesn't do much for me. It's just symbolic and doesn't really depict how I see my anthro-hawk side. Sometimes I get critical like, "No chin, round cheeks, beaky nose...hey wait a minute." Sometimes I see modern depictions where the artist adds more bird to the design, like wings and talons. I like those better.