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Shapeshifter Kin?

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New member
Hi there to anyone reading this.

I have been thinking alot on my beliefs and reflecting on how it could connect with being otherkin.

Then there was this idea that came into my mind of the soul being more or less shapeless, or conforms to how a person perceives themselves.

I.e; if they're human their soul will look more human, if they're wolf-kin their souls will be wolf like, etc.

So of course recently I've questioned alot of kin types and so many attract me in a way but still makes me feel unsure.

Sometimes I'll feel like I'll connect with something more then the next I won't feel it as much, or maybe only a bit.

I also noticed that I'll feel more like something based on my mood, but changes depending on emotion.

So if I were to feel confident I'd feel more like a feline of sorts, but if I'm out in the woods I can feel more like a deer/stag.

So, eventually a thought came along.

what if I'm a shape shifter?

I thought it would suit well with my beliefs and how I can experience different things from time to time.

so, what are your thoughts and opinions?

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I think that's a perfectly reasonable conclusion to come to. My own beliefs fall into something similar to an extent and I've taken on the label "shapeshifter" because of that, I've seen many others do as well.

It really depends on you, however, whether you think it's fitting enough / feels right to you, and wish to call yourself a shapeshifter.



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Well, my otherkin belief is purely spiritual, and I do believe that our minds can generally take any form that is desired, given there is enough skill and knowledge... only the forms that fit our feelings and intentions best are preferred and remembered. That might be the reason why some of us remember to have been wolfes, birds etc. in past lifes. In my case, I seem to hang around as Dragon most of the time, hence I identify as a Dragon. The form just fits my personality best. But I believe I have at least a limited shapeshifting ability. Not within the physical reality we currently reside in, of course. I've also felt bursting into a bodyless plasma in meditation; that could be a representation of my shapeless mind energy. I can use that energy for anything in my mindscape.

However, many people also identify with different kintypes ("polykin"). I think this is oftentimes because they experience specific shifts which seem to relate to a limited set of distinct species. Do you think your mind can actually shapeshift into anything - or is there a limited set of forms you can feel? Also, have you considered if you actually feel like a deer / feline / etc, or are a deer / feline / etc? It seems I can deliberately "fuse" my mind with an animal to such an extent that I feel like being that animal, which might be related to your experience. It was somewhat confusing to me to find this, but it doesn't change that I myself am a Guardian Dragon.



New member
Thank you both for your input.

I've been contemplating how I perceive myself and with my philosophical mindset I tend to get alot of thoughts and ideas that cross my mind.

But this thought in particular came to me it really made me question.

Since you mentioned wether I simply feel like or am, it's rather difficult to place it.

It tends to be in that moment its as if there's a oneness with said creature.

Though sometimes it's more partial, but it can also be full on.

Overall, I have a strong connection and liking to the idea, though I'll see how it goes.



Active member
That sort of sounds like a polymorph to me? A polymorph is someone who does not have a set form, and their form can vary from things like environment to who they're with. Unfortunately I can't find any good information on them or something you can read over, but it might be something to consider. 

-{Icarus} [Acorn Ant/Mant + Fictionkin] 



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Yes, that does sound like a polymorph, although being polymorphic is a trait, not a specific species, because there are several different ways of getting there. There have been many mythical creatures, spirits, and even aliens talked about in literature that could do it. Some purely spiritual, some magical, and some as physical or technical trait like that one living metal Terminator. 

I'm a polymorphic spirit being, which sounds close to what you're describing. Shifting into another animal is not just a matter of looks, you can pick up the mannerisms as well depending on how deep the shift goes. Not every thing you shift into is a kintype, even if you do feel temporarily like you are that animal. I've explained the difference before of someone who visits a country versus someone who has lived their entire life there. People also describe cameo shifts, which can feel just as detailed as shifting into their kintype, but it's a temporary thing. Personally, I do have a few favorite themes I tend to come back to, but just about anything is fair game.



New member
What you're talking about does make sense and it sounds like a good start. But I think it is a start; there's a lot you can explore from this point. I personally find that exploring from one idea is a good way to get to the next one, and a good way to verify the original idea. 

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