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  1. St Claire

    St Claire Void Walker

    Jul 29, 2015
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    Hey, so you've probably seen me around the forums. I'm just your friendly neighbourhood spirit.

    I'm also sheep hearted. I think my feelings towards sheep started in my very early childhood. When I was about 2 or 3 my now late grandmother gave me a hand knitted stuffed sheep that she had made. I fell in love instantly. I named him Sheepy, and he is still with me.
    Grandma had to sew a blanket around his middle because I loved him so much his stuffing started coming out. The red thing by his mouth is his little tongue poking out :1hearteyes:

    Since then sheep have been a constant motif in my life. My late grandfather described my hair as feeling like "the finest merino wool", and my nickname at school was Sheepy.

    I feel a very strong connection with sheep, sometimes I think I would be happier as a sheep then as a human. My family are very aware of my love of sheep, and will sometimes surprise me with a sheep themed trinket, which makes me very happy.

    In conclusion, I like sheep way too much.