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Site Updates (07/02/2016)

Discussion in 'News & Information' started by Shiro, Jul 2, 2016.

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    It's that time again! Quite a few updates this round!

    • Smoky Mountains, our default style, has been updated. There is now a footer which contains convenient links and information. This will help both our users and with Search Engine Optimization. (@Shiro)
    • New Style "Nocturnal Predator" has been installed. (@Shiro)
    • New style "Simply Blue" has been installed. (@Shiro)
    Chat System
    • Our chat system is now bridged with our Discord server. People in the lobby within our chat system can communicate with people on our Discord server, and people on our Discord server can communicate with people in the lobby. They're perfectly bridged; so if you wanted a mobile app for chatting - using Discord is an option! (@kiror)
    • A few easter egg commands have been added in our official chatrooms. This includes the infamous !sanic command (available to VIPs). (@Shiro)
    • The !sanic command has also been added to Discord, where it is available to everyone (@Shiro)
    Instant Messaging
    • Instant messaging is back, and performance should be better. (@Shiro)
    Social Groups
    • A bug allowing people to post in open groups they are not a member of has been fixed. (@Shiro)
    • A bug regarding events has been fixed. (@Shiro)
    • The emoji emoticons are back (@Shiro)
    • The wolf emoticons are slowly being re-added (@Shiro)
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