Site Updates (07/11/2015)


irl sonic
Staff member
In order to make up for the downtime that occurred on 07/10/2015, we have released yet another site update. This update includes a major new feature, as well as enhancements to existing features. Another update will be released within a month or so, which will update the core forum software to version 1.5 - this update will add various features as well as improve account security across the board.

The update today includes the following:

  • Social Groups

We now have a social groups system. This system works very similar to Facebook groups. It allows users the ability to create their own group. Groups have the following features:

  1. A group feed, which displays the latest happenings of a group.
  2. A member wall for members of the group to communicate with one another, a staff wall for staff members of a group to communicate with each other.
  3. An information tab, which allows you to explain your group's purpose. A rules section to make your own group rules.
  4. An events calendar which is editable by your group staff.
  5. A private forum within your group.
  6. The ability to fully customize your group, and grant members different roles within the groups.

A few things to note: By default, groups are set to closed privacy. This prevents non-members from viewing group content until they have joined. The groups will by-default require that group staff approve all content posted in them. It is highly recommended you adjust your group's privacy settings to change this. FOR THE TIME BEING, GROUP CREATION IS RESTRICTED TO VIP USERS. IT WILL BE OPENED TO THE PUBLIC WITHIN A FEW MONTHS. (click here to subscribe as a VIP using bones) (click here to purchase a *lifetime* VIP subscription with real money)

  • Chat

Our new chat system has been fully implemented, and as promised, the creation of rooms has been opened to the public. VIP access is still required to create password-protected rooms.