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Site Updates (07-15-2016)

Discussion in 'News & Information' started by Shiro, Jul 15, 2016.

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    Organizational Changes
    A few organizational changes have been made to Kinmunity's forum structure in order to make navigation make more sense.
    • The "Helpful Tips, Guides, and Info" forum has been removed. The information contained within it has moved to the Kinmunity Help Center. The tutorials will be populated in the Tutorials section of the Help Center shortly.
    • The "Politics, Religion, & Spirituality" forum has been renamed to "Religion & Spirituality" and the "Current Events" forum has been renamed to "Politics & Current Events". Political thread were moved into the "Politics & Current Events" forum.
    • The "Fun & Games" forum is now a sub-forum under the "Chit Chat" forum.
    • For those who have not opted in to "Defending Your Territory", you will see a placeholder in the Node List explaining how to do so.

    Changes to Elder Membership

    When Kinmunity was first founded, we had a special user group called "Elders". Users within this group were authorized to write articles in our Library, and the main purpose for the usergroup was quality control of library articles. However, due to the way the system worked, a user who had no interest in becoming an Elder could attain Elder status. Also, Elders were often contacted by members of Kinmunity for advice and mentoring-related duties, which was not the original purpose of the usergroup. Effective immediately, we are altering this system. The "Elder" position is now more generalized, and focused both on community mentoring and article writing. The following changes have been made to the position:
    • Users must now apply for Elder status after meeting a set of automatic requirements, users will not automatically be promoted to the position.
      • The Elder application form has been changed. Rather than focusing entirely on the submission of a sample library article, applicants will answer essay questions regarding their suitability for the position.
      • The Elder application process is now handled automatically. After a user submits an application, Elders and current staff members may vote on it. After fourteen days, the system automatically makes a decision to approve or reject the application based on the number of votes.
      • In order to prevent abuse, if a user's application has been declined on three separate occasions, they must contact an administrator before being allowed to reapply for Elder.
    • Elders are now "community servants" and not privileged users. Elders perform duties around the site that assist with its functioning. Users who apply need to be willing to perform at least one of the duties below:
      • Elders are responsible for writing articles for our Library.
      • Elders are responsible for Mentoring users of Kinmunity through the use of mentoring groups and 1:1 mentoring.
      • Elders are responsible for tagging content on Kinmunity in order to aid search engines and users in its discovery.
      • Elders are responsible for rating the quality of various posts on Kinmunity.
    • The requirements to become an elder are more rigorous. Users must demonstrate outstanding contributions to our community in order to apply.
      • Applicants must have a Kinmunity account that is over six months old.
      • Applicants must have made at least five hundred posts on Kinmunity.
      • Applicants must have received at least one hundred twenty positive feedback ratings on Kinmunity.
      • Applicants must have have zero infraction points.
      • Applicants must have posted an introduction in the Scent Rolling forum.
    • Current elders may keep their positions, provided they perform one of the above listed duties.
    If you wish to apply for Elder status or are interested in learning more, please click here.
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    Changes seem sensible. I don't think I even realized there was a Helpful Tips, Guides, and Info forum...?

    Anyway, I'm just putting this out there that I am definitely willing/able to talk and answer mentoring-type questions 1:1 through PM for anyone interested.
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    I do like these new changes to the forums and how they are now grouped (the politics and current events are much better laid out, in my opinion). Everything seems more organized! *yay*

    I actually really like the new changes to the Elder status and it not be a random promotion, when people make the criteria. It makes it feel like the elders that have title actually know what's going on and understands the layout of the site. I do like this new system. ^^

    Nice set of updates!
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  4. Elvode

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    I like the updates! :D Especially for the elder status since that's what new members seem to think it means.
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