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Announcement Social eHowl Scheduled (10/21/16)

Discussion in 'News & Information' started by Shiro, Oct 12, 2016.

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    Kinmunity will be holding a social eHowl on Friday, October 21st, 2016 at 05:00 PM ET on our Discord Chat Server.

    What is an eHowl?
    A howl is a planned social gathering of otherkin and therianthropes in real life. Howls usually take place in nature, at places like camp sites. An eHowl is a planned social gathering of otherkin and therianthropes online. The premise is the same, get together with others and have fun!

    What is a social eHowl?
    The majority of eHowls we have hosted in the past revolved around organized discussion of a particular topic or group of topics. A social eHowl has no planned topic, and is about getting to know others in the community. Unlike the structured format of our previous eHowls, social eHowls are for loosening up and having fun!

    During the eHowl...
    • The #ehowl channel on our Discord server will be open.
    • The "eHowl" voice channel on our Discord server will be open to the public, no voice key needed!
    • We will be giving away free bones at various times to Kinmunity members.
    • and more!
    Social eHowl Rules
    1. While in voice chat, please do not scream or make sudden loud noises.
    2. While in voice chat, please do not talk over another person.
    3. While in text chat, please contribute to the topic that's being discussed.
    4. Please do not be abusive or rude towards other users; it won't be tolerated.
    5. Spam, Meme Posting, and so forth should be kept in the #bots_and_memes channel and out of voice chat.
    How to Participate
    1. Join our Discord Server.
    2. When the time comes, you can chat in the #ehowl channel using text, or join our voice channel!
    See you there!

    ps. You need to be a member of Kinmunity to join our Discord server. Don't worry, it's fast, easy, and free to sign up!