Somali Google Translate Game

Inspired by this video

Obviously not real Somali. Rather, some sort of strange...either Decearing Egg type glitch or intentional programming.

Go to Google Translate, go to Somali -> English. You type in your English sentence, in the Somali box, without spaces, and then split it up with spaces.

I just tried "Are you Kerguelen?" for example. "areyoukerguelen" and then "ar ey ou ke rg ue le n" and it gave me: "You are here." I'd be curious to see if it gives anyone the same result, since the video throws out the possibility that it varies by person.

wh erei sthe forr estf ennt reas ure -> For more information please contact us

LOL perhaps it will lead me to Forrest Fenn's treasure. I just have to contact them!



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Oh God, wtf!?

I typed in

     "Do you know where I live?"

it responded

     "Do not be afraid of me"


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Just tried it.

It began as:

''Where do tigers live?''

Translated to:

''It has been done in the past.''

Not something that has to do remotely with a question or a answer. This is why I love Google Translate.



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Tried it with "I am a guardian dragon" and depending on where I set the spaces, I got "I am a good friend", "I do not care about you" or "I do not care for a castle" :toungederg:

Strange enough, the Somali translation of the English phrase "I am a good friend" reads completely different.