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Some strange experiences

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    I have no idea where to put this, heh.

    So, last night, amberguara was asking me over discord what my experiences with both game and character were like, which made me think about it in order to give a full-enough answer.

    I'll copy-and-paste my answers below, but I'll also add things that maybe I hadn't mentioned before in our conversation.

    First time playing
    I have to say I was hooked from the first moment, even though first person shooters aren't really my thing, I found I could connect with it more due to it touching on mythology set in a modern time. I just felt like it fit me perfectly, in some strange way.
    I felt I could make judgements on some of the characters almost instantly, at times reacting to their actions/lines as if it had been fully directed at me. To this day at times I still do, and at some points to me it was glaringly obvious something was up even when it was barely motioned to.
    I could completely immerse myself in the environment when I had the volume up loud enough, block out everything around me and just focus on what was incoming. It was brilliant.

    Did you get any sense of deja vu while playing?
    No, I think I got a sense of familiarity at points, like which direction to go without being directed on my first playthrough, but not really a strong sense of 'oh hey, I've been here before'

    After finishing the game
    From what I can recall being said, I remember being told I got quite absorbed into what I was doing, but not much more was said.
    After I finished it, I had conflicting ideas between that there was more to the story than was told, or that the ending didn't turn out as I had thought (and wondered what would happen had it been the other way around).

    Connection with the character
    At times, it feels like I've known him for a long time, and when I first played it just felt so smooth, so natural in control. As much as I can remember, it did start off as a fascination, which slowly grew into familiarity. Even after my first disc was snapped, I just could not get him out of my head, he pretty much influenced the rest of my work (drawings and stories and such). Picking the game back up again felt like some relief or reunion in a sense.

    As I've mentioned before, I often react as if I was the one affected by other character's actions/lines, and that did get quite frequent towards the end of the game. From the mutual respect towards Vivian to the annoyance towards Lexington. Fun times.

    As a more recent update, after learning that Spark Unlimited shut down in May 2015, what I felt for it was very hard to describe other than a deep sense of loss and the feeling like I'd been torn apart and was just... Empty. And for me to act this way for the company alone... I don't know, it seems odd.
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