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Some Stuff About Me

A group for demon resources, support and comparing experiences.

  1. Invisus

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    Mar 27, 2015
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    I didn't post here earlier but I've commented on other threads in this group and stuff. Anyways, my name is Invisus. I am here because I technically classify as a demon (I'm a fallen angel). My theory is that I fell and pretty much sank down to demonic levels a bit after that happened. I'll give a description of my appearances/forms before & after the fall. Technically, I think I had at least 4 forms. I'm going off of impressions here:

    • I was a bright, blinding, golden humanoid with wings and several eyes (all with purple sclera and red, pupil-less irises) all over my body. I have a vague impression of being a bit terrifying. This form was my default until I actually fell.
    • A form I took for more "gentle" reasons appeared mostly as a normal human but the eyes (which were, you guessed it: purple with red, pupil-less irises) and my presence were the only thing giving away the fact that I wasn't human.
    • Another form (this was a kind of in-between, "I don't have to be gentle but in the event I do but can't resort to the humanoid form, this is a good form" type thing) was that of a giant black dog with four eyes and two mouths. A drawing of me in this form can be found here.
    After I fell, I seem to have taken 3 forms and my default prior was "taken away". Those forms were:

    • Dark grey; almost black energy mist usually appearing as a large mass. This replaced my winged humanoid form
    • The normal humanoid with weird eyes form
    • The black dog form
    I think I may have been linked to graveyards as well, perhaps as a guardian. I feel extremely protective of them to the point of homicidal thoughts when I hear of vandalism and destruction of cemeteries (thoughts that I would never act upon due to the fact that this would take my freedom away and I couldn't deal with that). My experience has been that I don't really shift to demon aside from phantom limbs depending on the form I take. I experience the Hunger in fluctuations but nothing else. I'd say the demon & human parts of myself are constantly integrated and I go between that consistent integration and my theriotype (which is really my primary 'type due to the fact that I'm kind of like this a lot).

    Anyways, that is all I can really think to say right now.
  2. Maggie Darkmoon

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    May 31, 2016
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    Great intro. Welcome to the group.
  3. Paidia Haidou

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    May 26, 2016
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    Good luck with the hunger. I have that, too. It's not fun. I find that raw meat or blood helps. I can also psy feed, but it's easier if I can touch the person or being I want to feed on. Alternatively I go out of body, find a spirit animal, capture it, and eat it. I'm terribly upset about the hunger, but there isn't much I can do about it.