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Question would be, what movie or TV episode do you feel connected to? Or you like the most? My favorite would be Avatar ( not the airbender ), because of the aliens living out in the wild and have a large amount of tribe people together as one. And episodes would be Wolf blood. Because it interests me and its also good in my opinion.

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Well... All things considered I would have to say that "Dragons: A fantasy made real" is the best proper dragon film I've seen so far. So ummm, that.
I'm a really big fan of animation. I got into the medium through Miyazaki's works and then I was introduced to Studio Ghibli, so I look at those movies with the highest regards. I also have a soft spot for the Aristocats (a childhood favorite) and the 80s Transformers film (it's ridiculously cool and well animated).


If there was ever a movie I really loved, it was The Lion King for some reason. It''s a great movie to begin with, but since I was a kid I've watched that movie at least a hundred times (and trust me, that's not exaggerating, I wish it was). I still watch it often now, it's always been that magical movie for me. It''s kind of embarrassing to say how obsessed I am with it, but there''s just something about it that really draws me to it.


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I love the Mortal instruments: City of Bones movie (there is also Shadowhunters - serial). I also like that runes.
I could probably watch the Iron Giant quarterly and it wouldn't lose its sparkle. There's something very compelling in themes of "designed to kill, but learning to love."

Kiki's Delivery Service is also a singular influence--a story of reclaiming power and moving identity from an external source to an internal one.

Princess Mononoke is eye candy and it features forest gods... if that's not my MO I don't know what is.

Also, the episode in Avatar: The Last Airbender featuring Guru Prathik. GREAT lesson on opening the chakras or letting go of grasping and aversion.
Similarly, the episodes in later seasons of The Legend Of Kora where Kora is recovering from injury. It's a great story on rising above our own limiting thoughts, one defeat is not infinite defeat, after all.