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Since we do not have status updates anymore, I thought that maybe we could make a thread dedicated to them.​


This thread is for all of your tiny thoughts that are on your mind, that you want to share 🙂 ​

I'll Start​

We are watching Black Panther in math class...  hmmm.  I wonder what kind of math is in the movie... XD​
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I can figure out a lot of possibilities for myself. I just can't pick one and stick to it. And none of them appear immediately useful.

Voices in my head telling me "You failed. You will fail. You were born to fail." Shut it, voice. You've been telling me that my whole life. It ain't over 'till you're dead. And I'm not dead.



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I personally don't see how this is any different from Daily Thought.
true... forgot about that one....  But i think that is more of a "thought" rather then a status...  Like I could say on DT "What if dogs were humans..?" and status would be more like "I am watching Anne bell Creation 3 rn"  I do not mean that in a rude or condescending way, I do see your point.



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As was already mentioned, this thread is very similar to the Daily Thought thread, and since we intend to bring statuses back, we feel this thread isn’t necessary. In the mean time, feel free to post your thoughts and things you’d normally add to your status in the DT.

Thanks for understanding, and for your patience!

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