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Still questioning

A group for fictionkin, fictives, people questioning such, and so on to interact.

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    Jul 29, 2015
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    I joined this group because I am currently questioning a fictional kintype, and I thought it would benefit me to see the experiences of other fictionkin.

    I have discussed some of my thoughts on my discovery process in this thread: .

    Accepting that I may have a second kintype has been a bit difficult for me. Especially as with my first/main kintype I've had the feeling of non-humanness since early childhood, and it's so deeply ingrained in me that lately I've been wondering if I may be suntherian. So having another kintype appear has neen a bit...bizarre? Worrying? Confusing? Something like that.

    Anyway, I'll give a brief description of my kintype for those who may not be familiar with it. I'm currently questioning being a Qunari from the Dragon Age game series. In terms of physical appearence, in-game they are referred to as being "giants" because they are much taller than humans. Their skin comes in a variety of vaguely metallic colours: grey, bronze, gold, and green. They have white hair (although if you play a Qunari in-game you can give them any hair colour) and horns of various shapes and sizes.
    The Qunari could be considered an ethno-religious group, as "true" Qunari are those who live under the rules of the Qun, which is a religious doctrine that governs how Qunari should live and behave. However, I am a Vashoth Qunari, one who was born outside the teachings of the Qun.

    This is a psychological kintype, and I believe it was caused by extreme personal stress.
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