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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box' started by Shiro, Jul 19, 2015.

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    As requested by @Raijun, users may now submit items to be sold at the KinCash shop. The only item type that can currently be submitted is a profile badge. Users who submit approved submissions will be awarded 500 bones per approved submission. We only allow users to submit artwork that they have the right to submit to us for the purpose of using on our shop, and not for any other purposes. Users may submit an unlimited number of items, but can receive a maximum payout of 3000 bones total for submitting items.

    • Items must be related to the otherkin, therianthropy, vampire, or animal hearted communities. They can include relevant symbols, representation of kintypes, or similar.
    • Items must not be obscene or offensive in any way.
    • Items must be the property of the submitter, or the submitter must otherwise have the right to submit the item to us.
    Sorry, we're not currently accepting submissions!
    Updated 08/11/2015 - We have a sufficient stock of items, but are still accepting submissions! The amount paid per submission has been lowered to 500 bones, but we'll still allow up to 3000 bones total earnings per user.

    Updated 06/27/2016 - Item submission is currently disabled; it will be re-enabled in the future!
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