Suicidal? Read this.

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If you're feeling depressed, you are free to reach out via PM. However, Kinmunity staff members (including myself) are not trained mental health professionals. We cannot promise to make the pain go away or provide counselling services. We can (and will) listen and empathize with you. We cannot promise an instant response as we all have lives outside of the website.

As somebody who has struggled with depression, I can personally say this - if you message me personally, I WILL respond to you when I am able. You are never completely alone. As a wolf therian, I will stand in your corner and provide support and comfort to help you with any battle you are going through.

With that said, if you are actively suicidal, the following resources are available to you. I highly recommend using them; most of the resources listed have 24/7 availability and are staffed by trained volunteers:

National Suicide Prevention Hotline (US)


Crisis Text Line (US)

Text HOME to 741741

Trevor Project (US, LGBTQ+ Friendly)


Trans Lifeline (US)


Sometimes calls are not answered due to high volume, but I have included this on the list because others have found it helpful.

Lifeline Chat (US)

Click here

Suicide Hotline List (International)

*Wikipedia List List

[SIZE= 12px]Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that can be edited by anyone, it is possible that some of the numbers listed may not be correct, although the list usually pretty accurate.[/SIZE]

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