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Take your Chinese zodiac and your star sign and what do you get?

Ravenna Freyasdottir

Well-known member
Pansexual Pride
So everyone has a Chinese zodiac, based on your birth year. The horoscope zodiac, aka the constellation zodiac or star sign, is based off your birth date. Each is typically an animal, unless you are a Virgo or Libra. Take both of these signs and smush them together with the coolest name-smush you can make, and draw it if you want to!

I'll go first: I am a rooster and an Aries. So I am a rooster. or a ram. rooster-ram. both start with r...I like rooster-ram.

Bonus: if you draw it, make it the color of your birthstone. (Aquamarine for me)
Another bonus: tell us if you match the personality traits of either or both of these zodiacs. (I match Aries for sure, headstong, confident (usually), and will fight you. Rooster basically means I'm cocky (derivative of the other name for a rooster that I will not say here). Not sure but I don't wanna just say I am not because that's kinda weird)


Active member
So I'm Piecies and was born in the year of the Tiger . . . so a tiger fish?

Weird flex but OK


Moderation Team
Staff member
Gold Donor
Asexual Pride
Fire Rat + Virgo

What I can think of...
FIRE (Firewall)
RAT (Remote Access Trojan)
VIR (Virus)
GO (Infect)

Bonus will be added later on.

Deleted member 57028

Everyone be over here with these cool combos, and I just have fish-chicken, ficken? chish? :jester: