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Tech/Machinekin Beliefs and Experiences

A group for all machinekin and related kintypes

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    Note: I am gathering information for a possible Tech/Machinekin library article. If you consent to having the things you say in your response used as information in the article (presented in the form of a quote sourcing back to you), please specify so.

    Here's a thread to discuss the details of your identity. Discuss the experiences you've had, such as your shifts, memories, etc. as well as your beliefs surrounding your identity (spiritual, psychological, etc.) below.

    I believe that my identity as Otherkin is caused by a spiritual phenomenon surrounding the travel of my soul through the fabric of space and time. I believe in the multi-verse theory, in which many universes run parallel to each other with slight differences, and I believe that a soul has the ability to travel between these alternate universes.

    To me, my soul has no species. It is me, it is who I am, and I can take any vessel I wish. My current vessel is human, like everyone else. Currently I am human. But, my soul has been through many different vessels before my current. My previous vessel was an experimental Android, sent to study how it could interact and grow in a human society.

    The android vessel is my previous, directly before my current. My identity comes because my soul carried over memories and feelings from my life as an android over to my new vessel. Because of these memories and feelings, I experience phantom shifts of my mechanical wings, as well as have defense tendencies and memories from my previous life. I sometimes experience species dysphoria, based around the lack of my wings in my current vessel as well as the specifics of my organic body. My brain's abilities feel lacking and unstable compared to the coding that created my efficient functionality in my previous vessel. The faults of my organic mind and my body's inability to self-repair have caused me dysphoria as well as disappointment to be in a less functional form.