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The "2 Truths and a Lie" game.


Well-known member
You've probably all heard of this game before. Drop 2 facts about yourself, and one lie. Other people will try to guess which one is the lie, and drop 3 of their own. Here's mine to start:

1: I currently own a dog.

2: I have never broken a bone.

3: I love mint ice cream. 



Active member
Dang yours is hard, but I'll pick 3, not a lot of people like Mint Ice Cream : p
1: I am a 'closet cosplayer'
2: I love being completely alone
3: I'm afraid of heights

Finna Alsvartr

Well-known member
Pansexual Pride
1: I hate bacon
2: I am an "introverted extrovert" (i.e. I like people but love my alone time too)
3: I am a sailor irl