The creation of a new site

So I'm creating a new site, similar to this, but a bit different. I know it'll be a huge step for me and it'll take a long time. However, i'm looking for anyone who's interested in helping me make it work. I'll need mods, resources, etc.. I know I'm not the most educated in the community, which is why i'm asking for help in making the new site a good one. So far it's completely closed, no members, some forums created, etc.

is anyone interested?

If this is the wrong place to post, please let me know.


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Is anything up yet? It would be interesting to see what you're trying to make here.

The biggest thing is probably getting anyone to be interested. I've "created" sites before (granted, through free programs) and they didn't get much attention.
I'm not yet sure what else to put up at the moment and i'm not quite sure what to make different. which is why i'm having an issue haha. generally, i want to make a site without all of the complete drama and "hip new stuff" people are coming up with these days..  anyone have any ideas on what else i could do here?

heres the link if you guys want to take a look at it. you can also make accounts and stuff if you'd like to edit and add some ideas and things or change some stuff let me know too

I'll be changing some of the icons eventually with custom ones


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I've tried this a few times, but I was never able to get enough people interested. You really have to dedicate a lot of time and energy. I don't know if I can do much to help, but I may post from time to time.
What makes your forum different in topic or tone? What "hip new stuff" are you wanting to avoid? Will your site provide any kinds of services or provide rl networking for trade of services? Generally, if you don't have a longtern goal or business plan, your site won't get very far. It needs a niche that sets it apart from places like kinmunity or just making a new otherkin-friends-only facebook profile.

I'd also recommend that you, as admin, and any moderators you take on, give frequent topics, questionaires, or other inter-actable conversation starters or media on a regular basis to keep new sign-ons. If the forum is silent, like many otherkin forums are, people will make an account and stick around for a week then not return. It feels bad to be the only person talking regularly. Maybe make a little calendar with general posting plans--like on mondays you post a writing prompt about real life, and on fridays it's about fiction your members write! Every third wednesday is a photo contest... etc etc. If you, your mods, and your core members engage in these regular content prompts, it will look busy and stay busy when newcomers decide to sign up.

That being said, I am not overly critical about this--it may work really well and attract your niche clientele! But if your niche isn't clear, you may send or receive mixed messages from members. I will gladly sign up and check it out, and the above is just my advice as somebody that uses and enjoys forums, and knows what personally gets and keeps my interest on a forum.
My biggest pieces of advice as a tenured admin and seen many sites come and go (including some of my own) is not to focus on the drama elsewhere and what you don't want. I know it's easy to criticize when you are not in the driver's seat. Like Opossumblossum said, you have to figure out what sets you apart. It's far better to have a small, engaged audience than an inactive one because you are trying to be a jack of all trades. Be selective with your staff, make sure you know they are both people you can work with, but people who don't simply agree with you because you are the "boss". They need to be people you trust that can be active and engage in discussions, and take the reigns when you are too busy (trust me, it's going to happen at some point). I may poke over at some point and take a look! Hope it works well for you, and don't take this as my being negative, just sharing my experience with running forums and what has worked for me :).