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The daily anything thread.

Other Pronouns (see sig)
Oh wait so that's what I was doing this whole time while I was attempting to dream shift? Trying to Astral shift? It's never worked the way I wanted; I can't latch onto a point in time. I just go tumbling through memories until Something jolts me awake. I just want to spend some time with Bagel Boi, dammit! (Care to troubleshoot?🥺)
I guess, I don't know much about dream shifting. But your experiences are simular to Astral Shifting. Ask Cartoon Cat for more info as I'm not good at explaining things and he knows more than me about it.
It's worth noting that the Astral is a rather ambiguous term and this definition changes depending on which culture/person you ask.
Yes, I agree with you. I am sorry if I'm doing bad at explaining all of this.


Made a Chime account.

Invested on Public and got a free stock for my first investment.

Chime debit card will be in the mail.

Gonna get a job after I get home from seeing bae.

The Chime account will be good for when I do, because mom is cosigned on my current one. Will also be good for if bae ever needs to wire me money, I won't have to ask mom for the bank info and have her ask questions.

Basically? I am sneakily going independent from mom one step at a time.

Let's frickin goooood!


FaZe now has a stock under FAZE on The New York Stock Exchange.

I hope they put their stock on Public, so I can buy some FAZE to go with my TSLA stock.
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Also, I have my OptiPlex set up with my Public always opened in Firefox on Ubuntu so I can monitor my stocks.