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The Daily Dream Thread


Machairodont Felid
One of the most striking things about my dreams when their narratives are subdued or I am somehow distracted from their contents is their reliable consistency. Not in the sense always as to how they play out, rather certain fundamental themes and sensations. In another thread earlier today I recounted how the dreaming world is more or less a complete, continuous manifestation of my self, the mind and soul, into the body again. Because, so it goes, in a dream the external world is made up of the internal one; the psyche itself forms the narrative and while influenced by the waking world outside, it is still a place made up from the inside before it is anything else and shows the outside through its lens. So this creates a phenomena where I am, for lack of better description, alive again. Everything is just in the place it should be and there is no alien quality to any of my being, which is to mean there is nothing about myself that feels at a loss, "loose", or that whatever control I have over it is mostly because I will it. It is that place of being at home with an incarnation versus not.

So what makes this relevant to dreaming at large? For one, it is that every experience comes through this perspective unless of course the narrative I am encountering is through the eyes of another - read as, in the dream, seeing the events through someone that is not me and I hold no influence, purely observational in nature - and subsequently I can tell someone else that even if I do not recall the contents of dreams, as often as I do dream, I can state which they were. The consequences of this being novel in that if I am conscious at all of having dreamt, I know I dreamt something about myself versus "someone else" even if asked I feel like I dreamt at all. It is because I his I born of the disparity between reality external and that internal.



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While I don't have dreams that I remember often...one of my really recent dreams stuck out to me a lot related to my kins

I've recently done a lot of meditating to try and get the memories out of my dormant kintypes and as a byproduct of that I got ... more paranoid I guess?
My brain took notes of that and basically put me into the past body of Gemini Saga ...but it just felt different. I didn't know I was Saga at the time, I got fleeting thoughts of it but never really acted upon them. It was my conciousness that kicked it up into high gear and said "HEY! RELIVE YOUR PAST LIFE TRAUMA AS THE BEING WHO CORRUPTED SAGA IN THE FIRST PLACE!" and what was weird...i went along with it. Maybe becuase I don't lucid dream, but much more likely that I was actually reliving my life as Saga's corruption and not Saga himself...

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Machairodont Felid
So this last night's dream was strange but not so much as one would expect when I say this.

It went along the lines that I was, unusual as it may be, a person and with several other people. While I was aware of how strange it was that I was a person in the dream, I still felt to by myself as I most often dream. This informed me something unusual was afoot and that this was not nearly the deviation it appeared to be at first - not quite a break in years of continuity. Instead, as I and the others were going about at a mall, of course there would be legions of zombies. This is telling in the sense that I have never been one for the zombie genre or malls or the like, which further led me to believe this was all very strange.

We created a massive barricade atop the second floor and a gauntlet which made it improbable for anything to move through due to the use of debris and the like. Since this was all so sudden and these people mostly healthy, not quite yet decaying zombies, it must have been early on. But more inconsistency arose in that I was unnaturally strong or forceful, beyond anything the human body could mimic. This is not strange to me in my dreams as the strength and ability is well within reason for a Smilodon but it was the fact that the other people in the dream took note of this; it was almost as if I was cheating.

Yet it evolved further that as we finished and set about disabling the elevators temporarily, I was told by a young girl among them that she needed to "Talk to the teacher." with the implied content of what was next to come as a result of this. I humored her and told her to go do so and she came back shortly after explaining a few things. She said to me the reason I could break "the rules" was because I was "like a spirit lion or something" and that "I was dead". I asked her if she meant that I was a spirit and she agreed, which I laughed at and agreed too. I told her, "That is correct, I am something like that, and here I am, animating with the spirit into that which is dead."

I myself was dead in this dream, at least in terms of the body. It seems I had reanimated the person I was in control of and had made them living again, only as myself. I was not like the dead outside who were living physically but dead in spirit, I was the inverse of this.

Of course, while the child understood this and was happy with the answer, the others were skeptical and distant. The adults knew this to be true but could not voice it, just as they could not challenge me even if they wished to. I knew in that moment that even if they set about trying to physically kill me, they were aware that I could not truly die, and that whatever I was, was not as nearly a direct threat to them as those outside the defenses. 

I find all of this a wonderful, artistic, if not outright interpretation of my condition. I am a dead thing made alive again, I am a soul poured into a form that would be without. That which is the body and the spirit are two different things. Some can see this and appreciate this difference, namely children, whereas people in maturity are highly skeptical if not fearful, more so when they come closer to knowing the truth.



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I didn't sleep too well the last 2 nights because of real-world happenings caused by Covid19 and all the related chaos... but this morning I had a short, strange dream. I was in my room in my old parent's house and observed animals outside behaving strange. Cats hunting for something in a pack of three, birds very excited and anxious. A crow came to my window, apparently wanting to tell me something. It seemed something was wrong; I tried to ask the crow what it was, then woke up.

Most likely this is a 1:1 in-dream representation of my current real life situation, thus a very good example of how my brain translates such situation into an in-dream scenario. I've heard that dream symbols are mostly related to oneself. Hence the (familiar) animals could represent known parts of my own psyche. Which leads to an interesting thought: if this is the case, what about unknown external entities like e.g. the helicopters I always see in my horrible plane crash dreams? Do they represent an unknown part of me that seems threatening but I have to face?