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The Daily Positivity Thread


The Dark Thief Of Knowledge
Me and my husband have essentially finished packing for the move. All that's left is clothes, electronics, and toiletries. 

Stressed about the move but looking forward to asada fries again, been 3.5 years since I've had some I didn't have to make myself. Also, really looking forward to go in back to our old grocery store, as odd as that sounds, like its one of the things I'm looking forward to the most. Grocery shopping  at 3am when no one else is really there is the best.



I was feeling really crummy today but Tik Tok videos of Zack cosplay and just tomfoolery in general made me very happy~



I ordered the, Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit - Starter Set + Blaster, and it comes tomorrow! I'm so excited! I always wanted to try virtual reality~



New member
I saw some fellow otherkins! They were wolves who claimed to be in a pack together!  They were really nice!  I invited them to this website!! So hopefully the join us!



I just saw Detective Pikachu which was amazing! And now I'm going to buy Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which I'm excited to get! ^_^



New member
Mozzarella sticks were 99¢ at the Sonic next door to work, so my pharmacist ordered a f***-ton of mozzarella sticks to share and drinks for everybody in the pharmacy, I just had to walk next door to go get them. ^_^



New member
I asked my flatmates and the landlord if it would be okay for them when I get more pets.

Landlord said, it would be okay to get more pets and as long as they can't break out, don't need much space and attention (like a cat or dog because I only have a single room here for myself + I share a kitchen and bathroom with my 2 flatmates) and as long as my flatmates are agreeing, he don't sees a problem.

My flatmates agreed too.

One said that I by myself have to decide it and as long as it is no cat or dog or so he will be fine (because of space).

The other just said that he won't enter my room because of the urticating hairs tarantulas can throw when feeling threatened but I try to avoid this and since now none of my 2 did that ever or felt threatened by me. My jumping spider never felt like it either and jumps from itself onto my hand when I am working in her terrarium to take a better look at what I am doing 😁❤️. Never planned to handle her but since Finnja comes from itself, she feels fine and safe at all 😀

Also, he very well entered my room several times since I got my 2 tarantulas.

And none of my spiders is or will be more venomous than a bee or wasp.

So yes!! I can have more pets and already chose 4 precious and tolerant to humans tarantulas I'll buy next month after the great heat because they will be shipped from Poland to Germany and I don't want them to be in a package with over 35°C outside. And I got an eye on a very nice colored millipede (silver-grey with a red along stripe from head to back and red legs, very shiny).

I'm glad and super happy because I invest more time to care for the feeders as for my pets because they only need food every 5-7 days and I give fresh water twice a week and spray the enclosures once a week. That's all. And I have too many feeders since the roaches started to reproduce. It would be a great waste. Furthermore the roaches get fresh food every day so this was a bit frustrating for me.

My boyfriend and my little sister picked 4 named already xD Urd, Verdandi, Skuld and Lovis. I love the names 😻.



Astral skydancer
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So.. my weight dropped by 3.5 lbs due to yesterday's events, but I felt OK today and just had a pretty decent workout. Body works at nominal performance. Quite surprising it recovered so quickly. Hope the weight will stabilize the next days, at the moment I'm losing a bit too fast. Fast weight loss always increases the risk of losing muscles, which is not at all what I want.