The Daily Positivity Thread


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Reviving this thread to say: I applied to a freelance writing website a few days ago, hoping it would be another way to earn money despite my ankle and health issues. The website I signed up for has star ratings for each author, from 2 stars to 5 stars. (I'm assuming if you drop to 1 star you're kicked off of the website lol) You send in a writing sample for them to grade you for your initial rating, and I just got my grade for my sample: 4 stars. Which is the highest star rating you can start with, as 5 star writers are the ones grading others' writing and giving feedback. Starting out at 4 stars means I get paid more per word I write, and assuming that the work I do on the website is still high quality, I will be able to take a test to get to 5 stars in a few months instead of just writing for months and hoping one of the 5 star writers decides to promote me. This is kind of a big deal to me, it's not much money but it's a start at least!
Wow congrats on this!! 

Merry Christmas everyone!!! My super sweet bf sent me these!!


Inside the card was a long super cute message and a couple lil drawings of a mudkip and a houndour (our fav pokemon) and omg I had the biggest smile 😄 best part is the sweater smells like him!!!

I also made him presents tho I didn't take pics of them (smh I'm forgetful) and we opened our presents together in a video call and his reaction was amazing. He was so happy ❤️❤️ he's the sweetest most wholesome person and I love him so much.

I'm making (vegan) cupcakes and stew today, might take pics of those 😄 idk if my family will eat any of the cupcakes bc they apparently can't have anything without meat or some form of dairy lol but whatever, I just wanted to make cute cupcakes.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas ❤️



I have found good people on a Youtube channel that have encouraging me to be myself and to understand and know who I am in my own space.



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I made a song playlist for the kintype I'm questioning. I can't stop bumping it now, because it wound up including some of my favorite stuff.



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I've been making sure to get up earlier lately so I can do prayers, meditation and reading/writing. It's been great and I feel so much more productive! 

I just got back from an amazing Heilung concert, and I'm still in that post-show glow! My birthday is soon and we are going to have a little bowling party... everything is Just Right.



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Getting used to this voice change is interesting. I can sing to songs I couldn't before, which is awesome. But I also seem to be getting a little creaky in certain spots along my new range. That will probably clear up with practice, I hope. And I got my eval done for voice therapy, and it's free! The speech department at the university was happy to get their hands on an FtM ginnea pig to practice on. So far the T has taken me from the upper end of feminine range to the lower end of it. (I've been tracking the change with an app.) Haven't hit masculine range yet, but at least I don't sound like a little kid anymore. Maybe one of these days I'll stop shying away from voice chats. 

I'm working on not biting my nails so that I can grow them out. Malina and Etherea both have claws, so keeping my nails somewhat long helps us with that! They look really good right now, and I'm taking really good care of them!


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Had a whole day of vibing with nothing to do (rare!) I did a few mental shifts and had enough time to howl with the huskies that live down the road
Overall, a good day 👍😁