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The magic of language

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Amaris Matris, Jun 18, 2016.

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    So we all use English on this site and it's a great way of communicating; bringing people from all over the world that may not usually speak English in communication with each other.

    However, in many countries, the native tongue is not English and therefore another language is taught as well as English in schools. Because of this overlap of languages, there will be some words that can't be directly translated into the other language.

    This is what this thread is for. It is for people to share the words that maybe it is hard to explain in English as there isn't any one-word translation and explain what it means in many words.

    For example, in New Zealand (where I live) the native tongue is Māori. There are a couple of words that have more than more meaning but the one I will give is
    'Whānau' (pronounced: far-no)

    If you put it in a dictionary or through google translate it comes up with 'family'. The word whānau means so much more than just 'family', it is your community, it's a sense of belonging, it's your friends as well as your family.

    My family and our family friend, or me and my mates, or my school choir help each-other out and try not to fight too much because we're whānau even if we aren't related by blood. It's our social and emotional connection that gives us our bond and sense of whānau.

    That was my example and I'm excited to hear yours!

    P.S: Please put the phonetic spelling next to the actual spelling in the language that it comes from.
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