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The Music Challenge

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    May 4, 2016
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    I had this idea awhile ago, and have even tried it myself. You'd be surprised how fun this is!

    There's several ways to do this challenge, but all involve music.

    1. Instrumental Loop You put any instrumental on loop, and sketch out a picture based on what comes up in your mind from the music. This also may include drawing to the rhythm, or timing your marks based on the music. The coloring and refining can be done afterwards, or if you aren't sick of the loop yet, do the coloring to that as well. This is what I used.
    2. Lyric Drawing This can be done in two different ways. You can write the lyrics on paper, and draw what comes to mind, and/or you can take a song with lyrics, divide it in sections, and draw what you feel after listening to each section.
    3. Musical Scribbles put a song on, and try to sketch something until the music runs out. Then, move on to the next song and start a new drawing. You can do this with a friend if you'd like.
    4. Your Own Ideas if you have anything else that links physical art and music, feel free to do that! Make sure you comment it so that other people can try too. Or, even tweak what's been given.
    Let the drawing games begin! May the results be ever in your favor.