The Political Compass Test.

I didn't keep my results but I tried 8values. Apparently I am a "libertarian socialist." Equality, world, liberty, and progress are my main values. Pretty intuitive.

Edit: Oh wow! I'm looking up libertarian socialism and it seems very similar to what I actually do believe - lovely!
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I'm the same on both, and I think I'm the farthest out from all of you I've seen. Interesting.

They're both libertarian capitalism, according to the earlier chart as well, so at least I'm consistent haha!



Hmmmmm, interesting.

For the record, I honestly don't identify with any political organisation at all, I hate the idea of some other person representing me (as in, presenting me but with a twist that furthers their agenda.) I present myself, and i'm often inclined to look for the solution to a given issue between and beyond whatever two extremes are being thrown around. And then there's the paradox of finding myself agreeing with many "primitive" religious traditions from a purely metaphysical perspective despite being a staunch advocate of progress, however you want to define that nebulous term. It's a mess to explain.
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Got about the same on the political compass as when I took it in high school.

8values is one I hadn't seen before, That one scored me as a centrist

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I got economic left/right -8.35 

Social libertarian/authoritarian -7.85

My critique is that the test doesn't take into account that some people might think money, trade and bartering are unnecessary. It only asked how we should do those things. For me, it made answering some questions difficult. But, overall, I do agree with  the results.
Interesting to see these two contrasted, and interesting to see how my perspectives have changed over time. It would be fascinating to take these kinds of questionnaires once a year or so and see how they shift.

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