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The profile pic above your post is out to kill you. How screwed are you?


Astral skydancer
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A hare trying to kill me? Wouldn't be too screwed neither as human nor dragon. A hare could bite or scratch me when I have a human body, so I think I'd defend myself without the intention to do too much harm. If I had my dragon body they couldn't even scratch me, so I think I'd completely ignore them... maybe trying to rather gently push them away if they'd get too annoying. So, you'd have good chance to stay alife if you met me, haha.
Yeah... I mean I'd have to have a HUGE pack to do ANY sort of dent in a dragon's armor. Dingos have stamina and a pack can take down a kangaroo but a pack with stamina isn't too much in the face of a huge, scale-armored fire-breather. *gulp*